Business Owners:  Benefit from announcing your business with the Woodlands Symphony. 

Announce your business – send a holiday message in the Messiah Program!  Your Choice:

  • Half page (B/W)  The Sonata  $150.00   Bonus! One (1) Reserved Seat!
  • Full page (B/W)  The Concerto  $300.00   Bonus! Two (2) Reserved Seats!
  • Full page—Full color (inside front or inside back)  The Symphony $500.00
    Bonus! Six (6) Reserved Seats with The Symphony!
  • Double Center (B/W) or Outside back—Full color THE MAESTRO  $750.00
    Bonus! Eight (8) Reserved Seats!

Hurry!  Don’t Wait! Your camera-ready artwork must be received no later than April 16th, 2018.  Do not send PDF files. Email JPG’s only to:

Questions?  Email us!  The Woodlands Symphony Orchestra:   Please see attached brochure for additional information about how YOU can help support The Woodlands Symphony Orchestra. Thank you so much and we look forward to seeing you on April 22nd, 2018!!

Darryl Bayer, Artistic Director
The Woodlands Symphony Orchestra
(281) 367-7112


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