Business Owners:  Benefit from announcing your company with the Woodlands Symphony Orchestra
and Woodlands Area Youth Symphony Symphonic Metamorphosis Concert – May 2, 2021

Give a boost to the WSO and show how your corporate team supports the arts. As the WSO returns to live concerts, audiences receive a code to download the program to their devices to view during the concert. Good thing – the program never gets thrown away and we leave a digital footprint forever. Audiences are encouraged to save the file and then your company name and contact information are embedded on their phones, tablets and laptops. Our virtual programs are all in high resolution full color .jpg and .pdf formats.

  • Half page – The Sonata:  $150.00   Bonus! One (1) Reserved Seat!
  • Full page – The Concerto: $300.00   Bonus! Two (2) Reserved Seats AND business card on WSO website.
  • Full page – The Symphony:  FIRST PAGE IN THE PROGRAM only $500.00 (SOLD – Woodforest Wealth Strategies)
    Bonus! Four (4) Reserved Seats with The Symphony!
  • Double Center – The Maestro:  $750 a two page ad in prominent display next to the concert order. (6) Reserved Seats! Double Bonus! You company logo goes on the WSO website for six months on the front page.

Hurry!  Don’t Wait! Your camera-ready artwork must be received no later than April 27th, 2021  Do not send PDF files. Email JPG’s only to:

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